BASCIA - Bay Area Suicide and Crisis Intervention Alliance

Suicide Prevention Network

BASCIA is an organization of Bay Area suicide prevention agencies. If you need crisis services, wish to volunteer or support local suicide prevention efforts, please contact one of our member agencies listed below.

We are also participating in the development of a Statewide Suicide Prevention Network. The purpose of the network is to bring the best practices in suicide prevention to all in the community who may interact with suicidal individuals. The Network will feature regular meetings for all concerned. For more detailed information Click Here.


BASCIA Members 24-Hour Hotline Business Line


Alameda County
Crisis Support Services of Alameda County
800-309-2131 510-420-2460


Contra Costa County
Contra Costa Crisis Center
800-833-2900 925-939-1916


Marin County
Family Service Agency of Marin
Suicide Prevention and Community Counseling
415-499-1100 415-499-1193


San Francisco
San Francisco Suicide Prevention
415-781-0500 415-984-1900


San Mateo County
StarVista Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Program
(Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Center)
650 579-0359 650-692-6662


The Bridge Rail Foundation

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