The Bay Area Suicide and Crisis Intervention Alliance includes the following agencies.  

Crisis Support Services of Alameda County

Launched in 1966, Crisis Support Services of Alameda County offers support to people of all ages and backgrounds during times of crisis. We work to prevent suicide and offer hope and caring during times of hopelessness. For more than forty years, Crisis Support Services has operated its 24-hour telephone service, currently responding to more than 50,000 calls each year. CSS helps community members in times of grief and stress.

24 hour Hotline - 800-309-2131
Business Line - 510-420-2460
Crisis Support Services of Alameda County

Contra Costa Crisis Center

The Crisis Center was founded in 1963 and from the outset, our mission has been to keep people alive and safe, help them through crises, and connect them with culturally relevant resources in the community. We answer Contra Costa County's 24-hour crisis, suicide, grief, homeless, child abuse, and elder abuse hotlines (18 lines altogether). A staff of 17 manages day-to-day operations and directs program services. The staff is assisted by 250 active volunteers who donate more than 25,000 hours per year.

24 hour Hotline - 800-833-2900
Business Line - 925-939-1916
Contra Costa Crisis Center

Suicide Prevention and Community Counseling of Marin

Suicide Prevention and Community Counseling of Marin opened in 1971. Our supportive counselors answer Marin County’s only Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotline 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, volunteer grief counselors provide free in-person grief counseling for Marin residents. We are part of the Family Service Agency of Marin and our service area is expanding to include all the North Bay counties plus Mendocino and Lake.

24 hour Hotline - 415-499-1100
Business Line - 415-499-1193
Family Service Agency of Marin

San Francisco Suicide Prevention

SFSP is the oldest volunteer crisis line in the United States. Founded in 1962 with the initial focus of providing telephone intervention to people experiencing suicidal crisis, the focus of the agency has gradually shifted from strictly suicide prevention to also include AIDS/HIV Nightline, Linea de Apoyo, Youth Risk Reduction and Survivors of Suicide. Over 150 trained volunteers with the supervision of a small multidisciplinary staff provide services 24 hours a day.

24 hour Hotline - 415-781-0500
Business Line - 415-984-1900
San Francisco Suicide Prevention

StarVista Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Program - San Mateo

Crisis movement pioneer Charlotte Ross founded the Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Center, in 1966. Over these 40+ years our primary function remains the same: to provide immediate, 24-hour assistance to people in times of great stress or grief. Our mission is to strengthen communities by empowering youth, families and individuals to overcome challenges through counseling, education and residential services. We are a program of the Youth and Family Enrichment Services.

24 hour Hotline - 650-579-0359
Business Line - 650-692-6662
StarVista Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Program

The Bridge Rail Foundation

The Bridge Rail Foundation has one simple goal—to stop the suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge. The Foundation grows out of the direct experience with bridge suicides—our board includes individuals who have had family and friends jump from the bridge and experts in mental health, law and public affairs. We have come together to focus public attention on the bridge suicide problem and see that the public is fully informed of the issue.

The Bridge Rail Foundation

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